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Join us Online for Fall Classes. Register now for the next term, which starts on Monday, October 19th! We have new class options so we can all keep learning and playing together safely until we can meet again in person. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights classes will be held ONLINE, and there are also “anytime” pre-recorded classes you can sign up for and use at any time that suits you! 
Stay Healthy, Loose, and Free This Term.
Register and receive access to Andy Howard’s “Dancing Alone Together” anytime class as a free bonus!

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Group instruction (private instruction is available, too) on many acoustic instruments and in vocal harmony. The school is led by legendary musician and co-founder of the Old Town School of Folk Music, Frank Hamilton, and our compassionate, stellar staff, including (and this is only a partial list): John Harvey, Andy Howard, David Robert King, Mick Kinney, John McCutcheon, and John Maschinot. Come Play With Us!