The 2020 Independent Blues Awards nominations are now in and ready for you to vote on. We do things a bit different than other awards in that we give you the opportunity to explore and experience artists and music you may not be familiar with.

In order to maximize you experience we highly recommend that you sign up for a FREE Spotify Account. We use Spotify players and links throughout the voting ballot so you can listen to and explore the nominated artists. This helps the artists as they get paid for their played songs, but it also helps them get into the Spotify Matrix so they can be discovered by other listeners on Spotify.

It would help them even more if you create your own playlist in your Spotify account and add all your favorite songs and artists. Share this playlist on Facebook, Twitter and with your friends! Being added to Spotify user playlists elevates an artists status on Spotify!

The Voting is a way to discover and explore artists and their work as much as supporting artists you know and love. 

As you go through the ballot we use a simple link format, The link attached to the artist’s name will take you to their website, The Link attached to the CD Title will take you to a Spotify playlist for that CD and the Buy Link will take you to if you want to purchase either the physical CD or mp3 downloads. By using these links even if an artists does not win, they will receive a large benefit from their nomination!

Vote for your favorite Indie Blues Artists, voting ends midnight August 31, 2020. One vote per email address. Scroll down through ads to find voting link. (Scroll down)