“World’s Gone Crazy”
Self Released
Publicity: Blind Raccoon
By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © July 2020

If you should happen to run into CD Woodbury wearing his all too recognizable Shriner style hat, before you ask him if he is a Shriner – as I did when I ran into him at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis – make sure you focus on the emblem on the hat and let the skull and crossbones stop you from making an idiot of yourself, LOL.  Yes, when we met as we were both putting our promotional material on the the marketing table in the hotel lobby of the Holiday Inn, that did indeed happen.

Speaking of the IBC, while representing the South Sound Blues Association and the Washington Blues Society, CD Woodbury and his band made it to the semi-finals both times; he’s had a release make it to the finals of the “Best Self Produced CD” competition; and although I apparently didn’t know this was a thing – he and his band were named the “Kings Of Beale Street” during one of those IBC competitions.

On his second release, “World’s Gone Crazy” (which I happen to agree with him on), CD Woodbury – on guitar and lead & backing vocals – is joined by: Don Montana on drums and lead & backing vocals; Patrick McDanel on bass guitar and backing vocals; and Mike Marinig on keyboards, saxophone and backing vocals.  Of the disc’s thirteen tracks, the first eight are originals and the last five are covers. 

As you “Follow The River Home”, the four man vocal choir on the opening verse of the opening track gives you the impression you’ll be making a stop at church along the way.  Then BAM!…..the next thing you know you’re smack dab in the middle of a shindig.  CD and the guys turned what I thought was going to be an inspirational hymn into a full fledged dance party number, fueled by smoking hot rhythm; fierce sax leads; and scorching slide guitar highlights.

There are people who know they can’t dance so rather than appear awkward they prefer to be wallflowers.  Then there is CD Woodbury – who in spite of being a big man with two left feet – will strut his stuff every chance he gets.  When the band is pumpin’, his heart starts jumpin’ and he’s got to move that big ol’ body around.  With it’s lazy rhythm and smooth guitar licks, “Walk Around Music” is the perfect tune to just get out there and go for it.

“Emerald City Blues” is no doubt another of CD’s dance floor fillers – even for those wallflowers.  If you can stand and sway you’ll feel like a Patrick Swayze out there.  It’s good old slow blues with Don and Patrick in the perfect rhythm groove, while CD pours his heart out with an emotional vocal and musical performance.

So with this song being about his experiences during the International Blues Challenge, speaking as one who freezes his butt off while there, I promise you that “Memphis Heat” has nothing to do with the weather.  That said, it is indeed about those hot sounds we’ve come to know as Memphis Soul.  With the whole band getting in some strong solos, wanna be musician listeners can go from playing air drums to air sax to air bass and to air guitar in one simple session.  Real fun track.   

The title track could have been exactly fifty-five seconds long and it would have made it’s point.  The intro, featuring CD repeatedly and dreadfully moaning “The World’s Gone Crazy” while the slide guitar, organ and rattling cymbals paint a dark and eerie picture, would have simply told the story.  Then the pace picks up and CD offers testimony as to why.

This is the eighth track on the disc and the last of its originals.  That said, although I’m not disputing that CD wrote it, I’m pretty sure that I’ve almost word for word said every one of these lyrics.  It’s a funny and clever song about what he makes sound like his second career – dieting.  It’s titled “Can’t Eat That Stuff No More” and it tells a chronological tale of his dealings with Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and Slim Fast.  Except for the part where CD mixes Slim Fast with Kahlua – been there, done that.  With the band in a great blues groove behind him, the song’s lyrics – which tell of: CD wanting to prepare for swimsuit season; conversations with his doctor; descriptions of boxed diet foods; and calculating points; are absolutely hilarious.

So before I say it, I know it’s a sacrilege and I know I’m most likely one of five people in the whole world who think this, but I was never a big Jimi Hendrix fan {said while ducking}.  That said, “Hey Joe” (Roberts) was my all time favorite of his songs.  Paying homage to his homie, CD doesn’t just cover it but on this nearly eight minute rendition, he totally crushes it.

Other songs on this dynamite disc include: “I Didn’t Know” and “South Of South Hill” (both originals); “Wang Dang Doodle” (Dixon), “Last Go Round” (Robinson, Bean); “Adeline” (Sutton); and “Preacher And The President” (Walker).       

To find out more about CD Woodbury just go to  www.cdwoodbury.com. Wherever you go and whomever you talk to, please tell them that the Blewzzman sent you.

Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com
2011 Keeping the Blues Alive Recipient