Paul Boddy & The Slidewinder Blues Band
“Friends Of Tuesday”
Slide Records
Publicity: Blind Raccoon
By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © November 2020
Paul Boddy & The Slidewinder Blues Band are out of the Philly, PA area, and with the band being made up of several members of The Every Tuesday Funk ‘n’ Blues Jam – a long running local jam – they cleverly decided to call their first release “Friends Of Tuesday”.  The nucleus of the band consists of founder Paul Boddy on lead vocals and guitar; Lori Gaston on backing vocals; Glenn “The Wizard” Hale on piano, organ and accordion; Chuck Hearne on bass; and Jim Bowman on drums.  Adding some wind to the project are Tim Shay on saxophone and Mikey Jr. on harmonica.  All of the disc’s five tracks are Paul Boddy originals.
Using humorous metaphors, the opening track addresses a situation all too common to us aging baby boomers – getting old, in spite of not feeling old – or as Paul says, I may be over the hill but I’ll never get “Over The Hump”.  Musically, Glenn, Chuck and Jim – on the organ, bass and drums – are all leaving no doubt as to why that Tuesday jam contains the word “Funk”. By the same token, Paul’s mid song guitar leads are are representing the blues part, as well. 
Keeping things in rocking mode is the smokin’ shuffle titled “Love Me Darlin'” – as in “love me darlin’ or please leave me alone”….yeah, it’s NOT a love song.  What it is is another of five songs that feature dance floor filling rhythm with humorous lyrics and well sung lead and harmony vocals by Paul and Lori. 
What I love about the titles of all the songs on “Friends Of Tuesday” is the fact that they are actually only a small part of the title.  This one’s called “Money On Love” and not until you hear Paul say “It’s time to go out drinking and spend some money on love” do you get the drift.   
This particular track finds Paul ready to go out for a night on the town to holler and hoot and although you may want to laugh at his pants, shame on his shirt and hate on his hat, I’d take him serious when he says don’t you dare “Knock On My Boots”.  From start to finish, with Paul’s lead and slide guitar runs and fancy pickin’; Glenn’s rollicking piano leads; Chuck and Jim’s profound and disc’s best rhythm; Tim’s penetrating saxophone solo; and powerful vocals from Paul and Lori; this one is hands down the disc’s best track.               
Loaded with innuendos and many feline references, “Pretty Kitty” may or may not be a song about a cat.  That said, while flirting with the risque, the humorous song is tastefully done.  It features special guest Mikey Jr. and if you know anything about him you’re now correctly thinking it’s got some rippin’ harp leads.  Speaking of ripping, you could say that about the guitar and organ leads and the rhythm, as well.  You might just as well say she’s got a pretty rippin’ kitty and call it a wrap. 
Because they generally don’t contain a whole lot of music, I usually shy away from reviewing EPs but as you can certainly see, that is not the case here.  “Friends Of Tuesday” may only have five songs but there’s not only a lot of music, there’s a lot of good music.   
To find out more about Paul Boddy & The Slidewinder Blues Band just go to their website:  Wherever you go and whomever you talk to, please tell them the Blewzzman sent you.
Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
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