Play The Blues”
Out Of The Past Music
Publicity: Blind Raccoon
By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
Doug Duffey and BADD are a Louisiana based quartet that consists of Doug Duffey on vocals, piano and Hammond B3 organ; Dan Sumner on electric guitar, percussion and vocals; Ben Ford on bass; and Adam Ryland on drums.  Should you have not yet noticed, in addition to actually being BADD, the bands name is an acronym of its members first names. “Play The Blues” – which the band indeed does – is their second release and although some lyrics and song titles may strike a familiar chord, all of its nine tracks are originals.  
I can’t begin to tell you the number of conversations I’ve been involved in where my baby boomer friends and I reminisced about “The Things We Used To Do”.  As a matter of fact, most of the things that Doug and the guys have on their list are quite common with the ones on ours.  The only difference is that when BADD tells of theirs, they do it in a shuffle that features scorching blues guitar licks, smoking rhythm and melodic lead and backing vocals…..which is much more entertaining to hear than ours.
As Doug tells the story of his cheating woman, “Evil” often seems to be his word of choice.  Knowing she’ll ultimately be the death of him doesn’t seem to matter, he just can’t break that spell she’s cast upon him.  In spite of it’s dark subject, the rhythm and percussion pleasantly contradicts the mood with a relaxing foot and knee tappin’ groove…. that is until that extended mid song guitar solo of Dan’s shakes things up some.  
Having spent most of his career in New Orleans, the musical styles that influenced him are most evident on “Have You Ever?”.  At barely over three minutes, there are plenty of rollicking piano highlights.   
On “My Driving Wheel” Doug seems to be having a difficult time coping. He can’t get up in the morning and he can’t sleep at night.  Whatever’s going on, it’s just not right.  It seems that his driving wheel has come to a grinding halt.  That said, he’s wise enough to recognize he still has the power of prayer.  The deep rhythm groove that Ben and Adam are laying down and the absolute shredding that Dan’s dealing out are a perfect musical accompaniment to the songs dark nature.  
One of the most beautifully sung songs I have ever heard in my entire life is Billy Vera’s “At This Moment”.  The emotion Billy put into singing that song’s compelling lyrics is arguably, second to none.  As a matter of fact, so are the lyrics.  Like many others, it was the song being played four years after it’s release on the TV show “Family Ties” that brought it to my intention and I immediately wanted a copy.  Now I’m not ready to say that “A Memory Left to Lose” will rival that but I will tell you that this seven minute melancholic ballad with its emotional vocals and amazing piano playing not only reminded me of that song but it’s definitely of that caliber as well.  Wow!  
Other tracks on “Play The Blues” include: “Big Easy Street Blues,” “Drink It On Down,” “Talk Of The Town” and “You Got That Somethin'”.
To read Doug’s most impressive bio and to find out more about Doug Duffey and BADD just go to  Also, should you have not yet received your copy for airplay, please contact Betsie Brown at  Remember, wherever you go and whoever you contact, please let them know the Blewzzman sent you.