In making a revision to the graphics on the front of the ABS t-shirt a few years back, the thought was – since we were the only Blues Society in Georgia – to research how many Blues players were born in Georgia and no longer with us.

Unfortunately it seemed the internet turned up only those who had made a name for themselves. We asked Danny”Mudcat” Dudeck for some help and he recommended Red River Blues by Bruce Bastin (The Blues Tradition in the Southeast), which is where many of these names and birth places came from.

Sadly, as you can see there were quite a few players for whom no one remembered their birth places. On a side note, the name Roy Dunn came up frequently as being quite knowledgeable, in Bastin’s research, with regard to names and locations of players. Eric King once told me that giving Roy Dunn a place to play in Atlanta was the reason he decided to open Blind Willies.

– George Klein

Abner Wingate Jay • Fitzgerald 
Andrew Baxter • Calhoun 
Baby Tate • Elberton
Barbeque Bob Hicks • Walnut Grove
Bessie Jones • Dawson 
Blind Simmie Dooley • Hartwell 
Blind Willie McTell • Thompson 
Bumble Bee Slim • Brunswick
Charlie Hicks • Walnut Grove
Charley Lincoln Hicks • Lithonia
Eddie Mapp • Social Circle 
Eugene “Buddy” Moss  • Jewel
Frank Edwards • Washington 
Georgia Tom Dorsey • Villa Rica
Ida Cox • Toccoa 
James “Kokomo” Arnold • Lovejoy Sta.
Jesse Fuller  • Jonesboro 
Jim Baxter • Calhoun 
Joe Carter • Midland
“Peg Leg” Howell • Eatonton
Gertrude “Ma” Rainey • Columbus
Neal Pattman • Madison County
Otis Redding • Dawson
Precious Bryant • Talbot County
Ray Charles • Albany 
Robert “Chick” Willis • Cabiness
“Sonny Terry” Terrell • Greensboro
Tampa Red Whittaker • Smithville
“Piano Red” Perryman • Hampton
Dolphus Gus Gibson • Fort Valley
Edward Slappy • Fort Valley 
Lester Jolly • Fort Valley 
Jackson Hudson • Fort Valley 
Lewis Clayton • Fort Valley 
Charlie Smith • Fort Valley 
Walter Baldwin • Fort Valley 
Ulysses Knight • Fort Valley 
George Lumpkin • Fort Valley 
Fred Lindsey • Fort Valley 
Grace Lindsey • Fort Valley  40
Ausby Alexander • Fort Valley 
Buster Ezell • Fort Valley 
John Amica • Fort Valley 
Jesie Stroller • Fort Valley 
David E Lockert • Fort Valley 
Blind Billy Smith (CW) • Fort Valley 
Emanuel Green • Fort Valley 
Grady Mathis • Fort Valley 
Sarah Jessie • Fort Valley 
Lucille Hegamin • Macon 
Willie Chasteen • Macon 
Ernest Poole • Macon  
Wesley Jackson • Macon 
Noamon Grubbs • Macon 
Bossey McDonal • Macon 
Eddie Tigner • Macon 
James McCrary • Macon 
Joe Holmes • Macon 
Blind Cliff • Macon 
McKinley James • Macon
Sidney Stripling • Kathleen 
John Lee Ziegler • S of Macon 
Charlie Russell Cochran • SE of Macon 
Mary Perry • Americus 
Pearly Brown • Americus
Jimmy Jordan • Americus
Cliff Scott Draneville • Americus
Tommy Lee Russell • Dooly Co.


Harvey Oglesby • Marshallville 
Leroy Ellis • Marshallville 
William C Smith • Riverside 
David Hillman • Riverside 
John H. Graces • Powersville 
Emmitt Matt • Andersonville 
Mose Hipp • Perry 
Major Vance • Perry 
Isiah King • Perry 
Anderson Mathis • Perry 
Willie J Burden • Perry 
Johnnie Lee Thomas • Griffin
Robet Lee Westmorland • Griffin 
Tobe Jackson • Hawkinsville 
Chovie Hill • Byron 
Dise Williams • Byron 
Charlie Jenkins • Byron 
Will Chastain • Byron 
Sneeze • Montezuma 
James Snead • Montezuma 
Alvin Sanders •Montezuma 
J F Duffy • Montezuma/Henderson 
Sammy Phillips • Villa Rica 
Billie Wright • Atlanta 
“Big Maceo” Merriweather • Atlanta 
Tommy Brown • Atlanta 
Trixie Smith • Atlanta 
Beverly Watkins • Atlanta 
Stan Watkins • Atlanta 
Buddy Keith • Atlanta 
Charlie Rambo • Atlanta 
Willie Sapp • Atlanta
Ruth Willis • Atlanta area 
Harry Johnson • Atlanta area 
Bo’ Weevil • Atlanta area 
Freeman Walker • Atlanta area 
Ollie Griffin • Atlanta area 
Ernest Scott • Atlanta area 
Luther Johnson • Hogansville 
Nathaniel Ford • Monticello 
Joe Buck • Monticello 
Bo Harris • Monticello 
Artis Ford • Monticello 
Elbert Freeman • Monticello 
Moses McNeil • Monticello 
Virgil Harris Zenith • Macon / Perry 
James Hopkins • Donaldsville 
Julius Gipson • Milledgeville 
Arthur Glover • Milledgeville 
Eddie Bryant • Milledgeville 
Big Joe Sammy • Dublin 
Buster Brown • Cordele
Clarence Price • Cordele 
Willie Price • Cordele 
James Merritt • Thomaston 
V L Holmes • Thomaston 
Bud White • Thomaston 
Bud Grant • Thomaston 
Embry Raines • Thomaston 
Richard Grayson • Savannah 
Blind Log
Lord Randolph Byrd • Savannah 
Bubba Johnson • Savannah
Stokes • Savannah
Dink Williams • Savannah
Blind Ivory Moore • Savannah
Sweet Little • Eatonton
Roy Dunn • Eatonton

J D Smith • Oglethorpe 
Willie Towns • Oglethorpe 
Rufus Quillian • Gainesville 
Ben Quillian • Gainesville 
Gid Tanner • Monroe
O. T. Good Hope • Walton Co. 
Golden Bailey • Geneva 
Jim Bunkley • Geneva 
Emmit Jones • Geneva 
George Henry Bussey • Waverly Hall
Buddy Hubbard • Lagrange 
William Robertson Bronwood • Plains 
J C Rush Manchester • Talbot Co. 
George Denson • Manchester 
Willene Terry • Manchester 
Green Paschal • Talbot Co. 
Jessie Clarence Garman • Talbot Co. 
Jimmy Lee Williams • Poulan 
Emmett Murray • Moultrie 
Andrew Jones • Bainbridge 
Curley James Weaver • Covington 
Cora Mae Bryant • Newton Co. 
Willie Rockmore • Newton Co. 
Edward Knowle • Morgan Co. 
William Henry Jolly • Morgan Co.
Dick Martin • Morgan Co. 
Willie Lee McGuire • Morgan Co. 
Little David Wylie • Washington 
Johnny Price • Cuthbert  
Herman Jordan • Newton Co. 
Johnnie Guthrie • Walton Co. 
Robert Fulton • Warrenton 
Kate Mc Tell aka
Ruthy Kate Williams • Jefferson Co. 
Willie Lee McGuire • Morgan Co. 
Jesse Fuller • Jonesboro 
Melvin Moore • McDonough 
Clint Walker • Covington 
Buddy Rowe • Covington 
Eddie Lee Johnson • Augusta 
James Davis 
Dixon Hunt 
George Hollis 
Alfred Johnson 
Howard Smith 
Slim Barton 
Little Mae 
Billy Anderson 
Troy Ferguson 
Marshall Owens 
Charlie Seats 
Charlie Howard 
Charlie Brown 
Henry Lee Castle 
Brother Jackson 
Sam Moore 
Horace Davis 
Phillip Stevens 
George Smith 
Samuel Jackson 
Allison Mathis 
Charles Ellis 
Georgia Slim aka Geo Bedford 
Henry Williams 
Eddie Anthony 
Jim Hill  190
Ollie Griffin 
Big Cliff Lee 
Jonas Brown 
Hollis Brown  
Fred McMullen