The Atlanta Blues Challenge

Our Annual battle of the best local blues bands

The Atlanta Blues Challenge

The Atlanta Blues Challenge is the Atlanta Blues Society’s competition to choose who will represent us in the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, TN, which usually takes place in January (currently scheduled for January 19-23, 2021). We usually hold this competition in the month of August, usually the 4th Sunday. Because of COVID-19 and the need for us to search for a new venue we are not sure when the 2020 event will take place, but we hope to be able to have it as close to August as we can.

There are three categories for the challenge acts:
Youth act,
Solo/Duo act,
Band act.

The Solo/Duo and Band act winners compete in the week long Memphis IBC and the Youth act will represent us in the Youth Showcase (not a competition) which takes place on Friday of IBC Week. The IBC competition has changed over the years and has become very competitive, with top notch bands competing from all over the world.

The winners the IBC are expected to accept the many gig opportunities that are extended to them.  These opportunities include the Blues Cruise and various top rated Blues Festivals around the country.  The Memphis IBC is run by the Blues Foundation, which has many rules and regulations that we strictly follow for the Atlanta Blues Challenge.

We will update everybody as soon as we can, but with the current situation, everything is up in the air and fluid. We hope to see all of you out at blues events very soon. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about this, please contact us at