Michael Mills
“Dream a Dream”
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By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
Before I start to tell you about his music, I’d like to offer a big “WELCOME” to  Michael Mills, the latest addition to this great big blues family of ours.  Michael, who comes to us by way of Huntington Beach, CA, tells me that he’s “new to the blues” – and yet everything I heard on “Dream A Dream” tells me differently.  Obviously, the guy’s a natural who this listener hopes will stick around the genre for a very long time.

“Dream A Dream”, the bands’ debut release, contains five all original songs penned by Michael and band mate Jesse Godoy.  On the EP, Michael – on vocals and rhythm guitar, is joined by; Jessie Godoy on lead guitar; Anthony Haas on bass; David Warrick Jones on keyboards and backing vocals; and Frank Cotinola on drums.  Also helping out are: Chrystal Williams and Maurice Christian on backing vocals; and Ron Robbins on saxophone.

It took all of fifteen seconds of the opening track to reinforce my shock over these guys being “new blues artists”.  Immediately following the killer opening blues guitar licks by Jesse, Michael starts belting out the vocals and there’s no looking back – this blues-rocker, “My New Woman”, is already in third gear.  Just like his new woman, this track has everything: hard-driving rhythm; blistering blues guitar leads; powerful, emotionally charged vocals; and similar style backing vocals as well.  Great start guys – that’s how to introduce yourself to your new fans.

“I’m Your Man”, is a beautifully written and beautifully sung love song.  With the band in a relaxed rhythm groove, Michael knocks this one out of the park.  Reeking of passion and sincerity, he sings his heart out to a woman he wants to tell that if she ever needs someone to hold on to, if she even needs someone to be with, if she ever needs someone to talk to, he’s her man.  This songs compelling lyrics, along with the eloquent way they were presented, actually had me hoping that this woman was real and worthy of this powerful love.  When a song moves me as much as this song did I can’t help but give it my ultimate compliment – this is indeed “song of the year” material.  WOW!    
Everything about the title track, “Dream A Dream” is upbeat: the lyrics; the vibe; and with Frank sounding like he’s having a good ol’ time on the drums – especially the beat. Real, feel-good stuff.  

Being my favorite instrument, I’ve always been a believer that a surefire way for an already great band to kick it up a notch is to add a saxophone and on “Fade Away”, this great band did just that.  Being a slow blues burner already puts it at the top of my list and now along with those scorching slow blues guitar leads of Jesse’s, Ron’s blowin’ some equally scorching horn leads.  Then there’s Michael – who already has me putting him alongside stellar vocalists the likes of Curtis Salgado, Darrell Nulisch, Tad Robinson, and the late Michael Ledbetter.  To borrow a phrase that Blake Shelton often uses on “The Voice” he “sang the crap out of this song!”  
Take it from me, the splash the Michael Mills Band is going to create in the blues genre could very well turn into a tsunami.  This MUST HAVE CD..  

To find out more about Michael Mills and the band, please go to www.michaelmillsband.com. As usual, whomever you talk to, please tell them the Blewzzman sent you.

By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © 2019
2011 Recipient of the Keeping The Blues Alive Award