Social Media AI Technology is Getting Tougher on Copyright Infringement

With the shutdown of the gig economy due to Covid 19 many musicians have moved to Live Stream platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitch to get their music out. At the same time the social media platforms have been improving their algorithms on detecting copyrighted material being broadcast on their platforms. This system is designed to protect the social media platforms from liability of copyright infringement and uses AI to identify and flag music that is copyrighted.

Recently Facebook has introduced a strike-based system. Much of the Content that went under the radar a few months ago is now being flagged for copyright violations. In some cases the stream is stripped of audio and at times it can be abruptly taken down completely. For the most part Facebook users are kept in the dark and don’t know why their stream was muted or taken down. On Facebook users cannot determine how many “Strikes” they have nor is there any way to dispute the violation and the resulting action they take to remove it. Repeat offenders could have their accounts blocked or even deleted.

For the most part streaming LIVE performances are still safe for musicians for the time being. This is not to say you will not get caught up in this net if you create a performance that strongly resembles your own or another artist’s recording.

These advancements in AI detection could not come at a worst time for indie artists. It has been LIVE streaming, Virtual Venues and Virtual Festivals that have been that lifeline for indie artists not only for artistic expression but also for some sort of revenue stream. There is a chance that some of these could be stopped in their tracks by this AI detection technology, with little to no way of disputing that decision.

Copyright infringement is a big issue and the social media platforms are going to great lengths to protect the copyright holders rights. Unfortunately platforms like Facebook have little to no way to resolve issues of mis-identification or proper use by a copyright holder. All you have to do is try to get a hold of ANYONE in Facebook support to know what I mean.

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