Welcome to our new Friend of the ABS, “Live Music Daily

We write what we see.

Live Music Daily is a hybrid music news website that combines the interactive aspects of a music blog with traditional high quality news content. Our website immerses users in the live music experience and provides them with daily news updates, exclusive releases, professional concert photography, and, most importantly, intimate interviews with some of the best musicians on the live music circuit.

The goal of Live Music Daily is to present fans with an experience that goes well beyond traditional news media. The key is curation. We ensure that every post is consistent with our goals and mission as a media outlet. We do not report gossip. Instead, we work directly with photographers, writers, concert promoters, publicists, and managers to deliver high quality content without any of the baggage that comes with standard news media.

Our focus is on the music. Our advantage is our independence. Above everything else, we are active supporters of the bands that we report.