Dear ABS Member,

While watching the GoFundMe campaign for the Carlos Capote Family grow, and seeing the names of the 182 donors, it occurred to me that since our membership grows sometimes daily, we probably have a fair number of folks that may not be aware of their history and involvement with the ABS.

I don’t believe there is any family that has done more to promote the Blues and the Atlanta Blues Society than the Capotes. Carlos and Terri met at a Atlanta Blues Society meeting (that’s what they were called back then) and later married. Terri was the driving force behind our Blues in the Schools program for years and was also a Board member for quite a few years. And to my knowledge, Carlos has donated his time and played in every BITS presentation. Every time there was a fund raiser for a local musician, you could count on seeing him on stage. We raised money to help with the expenses of his kidney transplant and made him an Honorary Lifetime member a few years back.

Unfortunately, in December of 2019, Carlos got sick and a lot started to go wrong. Terri believes he contracted the Corona Virus, but since those who knew about the virus were keeping it a secret then, no one knew what to do. Time went on, and Terri got furloughed from her job and was taking care of him. Terri was unable to return to work and has been unemployed since.

Carlos was admitted to the hospital in May of 2020 and has been either in rehab or back in the hospital. We have been able to help them a little with donations from the Blue Flame Fund, but with no money coming in for over a year a GoFundMe seemed like the best answer. We deeply appreciate and support the one that his former bandmate, Jim Ransone, has set up.

If you can see it in your heart and bank account to help Carlos and Terri out, I know it would be greatly appreciated. Please CLICK HERE to go the GoFundMe for them.

– George Klein


Carlos Ramon Capote, also known as Breeze, passed away peacefully with his loving family by his side in their home on May 30, 2021.
An adoring husband. A devoted father. A caring brother and son. A bluesman. Carlos radiated grace on stage, in conversations and throughout his every day journey. Quick to share a smile, ready for a laugh and always equipped with a story, Carlos made you feel like you were the only person on earth.

Originally from South Florida, Carlos grew up musically in the Atlanta blues scene. Prompted by Mudcat, Carlos hit the stage for the first time in the early 90s and delivered I’m Ready by Muddy Waters. The shy introvert who was filled with questions and stage fright that night, soon became a scene staple, sitting in with various musicians around town. Carlos solidified his influence on the scene when he formed The Breeze Kings in 1997. The Breeze Kings released four albums, played thousands of shows throughout the southeast and completed four European tours. The Breeze Kings were awarded Atlanta’s Best Blues Band by Creative Loafing a record number 11 times. One of the founders and the musical director of the “Blues In The Schools” program, Carlos was dedicated to educating, enlightening and entertaining students of all ages about the history and tradition of the American blues. Carlos was a guest artist on numerous albums and mentor to many. He was always willing to take a curious young musician under his wing and give them the opportunity to share their burgeoning talent on stage with him. In 2016, The Atlanta Blues Society awarded Carlos an Honorary Lifetime Membership for his over 20 years of being a vital part of the Atlanta Blues scene.

What motivated Carlos most was his love for his family. Nothing could light up his face faster than reflecting on his daughters, Carmen and Josie. A constant protector, Carlos only wanted the very best for his girls. From the small moments to the biggest victories, Carlos relished every second with Carmen and Josie. Whether it be laughing at their jokes, consoling them when they were sad or praising their successes, Carmen and Josie’s love for him was more precious than any award he earned or audience applause he received. And nothing could bring a more sincere song to Carlos’s heart than his love for his wife Terri. Carlos’s true joy was found in his over 19 years of marriage to Terri. His confidence. His success. His ability to fight, as long as his did, was due to Terri’s dedication and perseverance. Terri will always be his “Little Bird.”
Carlos’s legacy lives on. Carlos lives on in his wife Terri, his daughters Carmen and Josie, his mother Lillian, brother Dan, a huge group of friends and the countless audiences he touched throughout the years. The music Carlos leaves behind is from his soul and available for us to spend time with a truly great person.

“Cause I’m ready, as ready as anybody can be…
I am ready for you, I hope you ready for me.”