Marvelous Marvin Presents
Bringing the Blues to the Southside

Bass player “Marvelous” Marvin Mahanay saw that there was a lack of places for Blues music on the Southside of Atlanta and he is determined to change that situation for the blues lovers in the area and beyond. Having played the blues around town for quite a while now he has formed many connections with other local musicians in the area who are looking for new places to play. He has also formed a relationship with a couple of venues in the area that he plans to bring all his musical friends to come play. Lafayette’s Bon Temps Tavern on the Square in Fayetteville features authentic Cajun Cuisine and Louisiana inspired dishes and is a great place for acoustic music. Marvin plans to have Acoustic jams every Thursday night and Sunday afternoons. At the Old Courthouse Tavern, Marvin plans to have blues band play every Saturday night. Be on the lookout for some great blues on the Southside thanks to Marvelous Marvin Presents!