Live At 3rd & Lindsley Nashville

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Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © February 2022

Had I not heard it from a reliable source, after being subjected to Scott Ramminger’s hilarious sense of humor and zany sarcasm (or is it?), I’d have been wondering if Live At 3rd & Lindsley Nashville was actually recorded there.  Seriously, I have no doubt that this wild and crazy guy would record the disc in front of a bunch of other characters in his basement and call it a live recording.  Just wait, you’ll see what I’m talking about the first time you nearly spit out your coffee while unsuccessfully trying to not laugh while swallowing.  Of course, I’m exaggerating (errrr…..a little), Scott did indeed record the album live, over three of his shows, at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN.  
Live At 3rd & Lindsley Nashville contains eleven original tracks with ten performed at the shows and a bonus studio track.  In addition to his fabulous and funny storytelling, Scott Ramminger – who can blow the hell out of a tenor sax – is joined for the live shows by: James Pennebaker and Joe V. McMahan on guitar; Ger Hoffman on bass: and Maxwell Schauf on drums; and on the studio cut by Spooner Oldham on keys; David Hood on bass; Will McFarlane on guitar; and Doug Belote on drums.
“Thinking About You”, is Scott’s way of saying how much he misses the obviously smart woman who left him.  Of course, not one of them remotely has anything to do with how sorry he is or how much he realizes he actually loves her, they’re more about the fact that she’s no longer there to make him a nice breakfast.  Musically, the track features Scott and James sparring back and forth on hot sax and guitar leads with Ger and Maxwell locked into a tight and dynamite rhythm groove behind them.
So, she swept him off his feet in May and by Labor Day she poured his bottle out in the ocean; she threw his cigarettes in the trash; she sold his motorcycle; and gave away his stash. Back in May he was sure she was the one, but by Labor Day she exterminated all his fun. She had come to the conclusion that he liked “Living Too Fast” and I’ve come to the conclusion that he let her move in too fast.  Besides James once again killing it on guitar, with the sultry sax leads Scott’s blowin’ and the rumba rhythm Ger and Maxwell are laying down, if there is a dance floor at 3rd and Lindsley, I’m sure it was full.
As he tells it, one of Scott’s life’s challenges is “It’s Hard To Be Me”.  Should you be wondering why, allow him to explain:

“It’s hard to be me, you don’t realize,
     the trouble I have, coming up with these lies,
it’s hard to be me…’s so hard to be me”.

A catch for sure – LOL!  Other than swapping out one smokin’ guitarist for another – this time it’s Joe – nothing’s changed on this swingin’ dance floor filler.
Similar to the idea behind that Little Charlie & The Nightcats’ song where Rick Estrin sings about meeting his “Next Ex-Wife”, this one has Scott Rammington looking forward to meeting “Someone New To Disappoint”.  As he proudly addresses his many shortcomings, there’s no doubting his success. 
The disc closes with the studio track titled “Come Valentine’s Day”.  With the beautiful slow dance groove Spooner, Dave and Doug are in on the piano, bass and drums; the soft and smooth pickin’ Doug’s got going on on the guitar; and the steamy sax leads Scott’s blowing in between his passionate and pleasing vocals; this one has all the makings of a beautiful love song….. as long as you don’t listen to the lyrics.  On the other hand, that’s just what yer gonna have to do to ’cause I ain’t sayin’ no more – ttps://

Other tracks on this most entertaining disc include: “Daisy”; “Lemonade Blues”; “Walk A Little Straighter”; “I Really Love Your Smile”; “More Than One Flavor”; and “This Town’s Seen The Last Of Me”.
Although I’ve…..excuse me, let me change that to although Scott’s given the impression that this is a stand-up comedy act, make no mistake that along with all of those highly enjoyable, clever, extremely humorous and well sung lyrics there is a heck of a lot highly enjoyable and very well played blues music going on as well.  This could actually be one of the best acts I’ve never seen.

To find out more about Scott Ramminger just go to his website –   Of course, wherever you go and whomever you contact, please make sure you tell them their friend the Blewzzman sent you.