Trudy Lynn
Golden Girl

Nola Blue Records
Publicity: Blind Raccoon

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Someone into numerology might have a term for the numbers seventy-five and fifty-seven playing out like they do here, but as Trudy Lynn simultaneously celebrates her seventy-fifth birthday and her fifty-seventh year in show business, I’m just going with “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations”.  While I’m talking numbers, this would be a perfect time to mention that Golden Girl is Trudy’s eighteenth release, and she is currently on the ballot for her thirteenth Blues Music Award nomination. I guess a “Good Luck, Trudy” is in order as well.
On Golden Girl, vocalist extraordinaire Trudy Lynn is joined by a talented bunch of musicians, with some being Grammy and Blues Music Award nominees and winners, and some fellow Texans as well.  Those players are:  Yates McKendree and John Porter on guitar; Anson Funderburgh on guitar; Brannen Temple on drums and percussion; Kevin McKendree on keyboards; Terry Wilson – the albums producer – on bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion and background vocals;  Darrell Leonard on horns; Mario Calire on drums; Steve Krase on harmonica; and Rhythm Tramp, Grammy nominated Teresa James and Gregg Sutton on background vocals.  Ten of the disc’s eleven tracks are originals, by Trudy or Terry with co-writers. 
The disc opens with a song titled “Tell Me”, as in “You can’t have me and another woman too, now ‘tell me’ what ya gonna do”.  That right there pretty much tells you what this one’s all about.  It’s a rhythm fueled rocker led by fabulous percussion from Brannen; one of many tracks that feature the talented father and son duo of Yates and Kevin McKendree on killer guitar and keyboard leads; and an emphatic Trudy, with some support from Rhythm Tramps – Terry Wilson and Teresa James, making it perfectly clear that this dude better quickly straighten his act out.  Not a fun situation for Trudy but certainly a fun song to dance to.
So with some of what I mentioned in the opening paragraph, combined with other awards from the Jus’ Blues Music Foundation and the Houston Blues Society, one could say that Trudy Lynn is indeed a golden girl.  On the other hand, with this song being called “Golden Girl Blues”, the emphasis appears to be on the word blues and the ‘golden girl’ – unlike that of being a successful young lady –  kind of relates to the roles that Betty White, Beatrice Arthur and Rue McClanahan played in that sitcom about ‘aging women’.  Yeah,  with Trudy, belting out lyrics like “Once upon a time it was drop it like it’s hot, now when I move, it’s snap, crackle and pop”; or when she can’t find her glasses and looks under the bed and they fall right off of her head; along with many other brain farts – many of which she can’t even remember and a lot of us baby boomers can relate to, Trudy’s finding that turning seventy-five does have its pitfalls.  The smokin’ shuffle features Terry and Brannen laying down a body shaking rhythm; hot horn and organ leads by Darrell and Kevin; and amazing lead and rhythm guitar rotations between Anson and Yates.   
As she sassily makes the powerful statement that she “doesn’t need a man who’s a big spender, she just wants a man who’s a credit to his gender”, Trudy explains that the Trouble With Love is that she has it.  Trudy’s long time band mate Steve Krase and fellow Texan Anson Funderburgh highlight this one with dynamite harmonica and guitar leads. 
This one’s titled Take Me Back and it finds Trudy soulfully and wholeheartedly wanting to be brought back to the beginning of a romance that ultimately turned bad. The sincerity in her voice makes it real clear there’d be a much better outcome on the do over.  Sadly, the song won’t have the same outcome for her, but it’s old school rhythm and blues vibe definitely took me back – to the fifties, that is.  For that reason alone – but there are others – this might just be the disc’s best track.
Showcasing fabulous vocal range that goes from high, crystal clear shouts to low, gravely voiced growls – and everything in between, Trudy – with super back up from Terry and Teresa –  puts on one of the disc’s best vocal performances on Live With Yourself . 
Far be it from this traditionalist to not comment on a slow blues track, so here goes.  This one’s titled Life Goes On (Morris/Williams) and just like those old school R&B songs, old school traditional blues song always do it for me.  Like Big Mama Thornton did on her rendition this one features Trudy soulfully and powerfully belting the hell out of the blues.  It also features the perfect slow rhythm beat with added help from Darrell’s horns, Kevin’s organ and Anson playing the hell out of the blues guitar, as well.  Indeed another of the disc’s best.
Other tracks on Golden Girl include: “If Your Phone Don’t Ring”; “I’m Just Saying”; “Is It Cold In Here”; “Heartache Is A One Way Street”; and “I Just Can’t Say Goodbye.
From time to time I’ll come across a album where the artwork and packaging deserves a compliment and this is one of them.  Kudos to Debra Clark Graphics for the great work on the CD jacket and it’s very informative, accompanying booklet.

 Although most of us are quite familiar with Trudy Lynn, should you like to know more about her, just check out her website – – Remember, wherever you go and whoever you contact, please let them know The Blewzzman sent you.

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