Markey Blue Ric Latina Project
Jumpin’ The Broom

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Q:  In addition to having all of their albums nominated for various blues awards, what contemporary blues act has not only had songs seen and heard on most streaming services but on a few major airlines, several national television networks and films as well?

A:  The Markey Blue Ric Latina Project.

Pretty cool!  Jumpin’ The Broom is Markey Blue Ric Latina Project’s fourth release, and as they happily and proudly say in the liner notes, “It is our first as a married couple”.  Ya gotta love it!  For the project, Markey – on lead and background vocals, and Ric – on guitar and background vocals, are joined by: Randy Coleman on bass; Shannon Wicklone on keys; Dave Northrop on drums and percussion; Chris West on horns and flute; and special guests Mark T. Jordan on keys and Dana Robbins on sax. 

Since one of the many arenas of the Las Vegas entertainment industry that Markey Blue has performed in includes being a showgirl, she’s probably the only entertainer who you could rightfully say did more in that city than Wayne Newton and Sammy Davis Jr.  During those years, I’m sure Markey witnessed more than her share of down and out gambling addicts ruining their lives and, very likely, the lives of their loved ones as well.  “Bad For Real” tells the story of one such loser who lost all his money, his woman and I’d bet his dignity too.  But wait, ’cause he’s not done yet; as soon as he finds another sucker to lend him a few bucks, he’ll be back to win it all back.  As the story line dictates, the tone of Ric’s guitar leads and the deep rhythm vibe Randy and Dave are in create the perfect dark music accompaniment for the melancholic lyrics Markey’s belting out.  FYI – this is the track that’s already been picked up for part of a future TV show soundtrack.  

Next song is about a hot little number called “Little Betty”.  With lines like: “she runs all around the town when the sun comes down; “You ain’t gonna get no love for free”; and “I don’t play with boys who kiss and tell”, I can’t help but once again to think of Markey’s Las Vegas connection.  It sure sounds like one of those “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” kind of stories. Lots of great slide guitar and percussion. Between the chimes and other percussive sounds; the soft notes barely floating out of the flute; the timid tone of the organ barely being played; the sounds of the bass strings softly being tapped; guitar leads that slightly sting; and bedeviling lyrics being softly and sultrily sung; the opening to “Lowdown Voodoo Woman” is a cornucopia of magical and mystical sounds.  As the tale gets further spun, everything slightly and eerily progresses and before you know it, the spell has been cast.  Wow, my thinking is this one’s got movie soundtrack written all over it.  

On “You Got The Blues”, the you is being used collectively – as in everybody is singing the blues.  That said, with her  “why don’t you ease your worried mind, it ain’t so bad most of the time” statement, Markey nails the truth on the head and offers some strong advice as well.  One thing is for sure, although the band is in a funky groove behind him, Ric’s certainly got the blues on this one.  

So the title of this one is “The Right Kind Of Woman” and on that alone, the song can tell any of many kinds of stories… until you hear the next line that is.  Then once you hear the full “I’m the right kind of woman, you’re just the wrong kind of man” there can now only be one place this is going… LOL.  That said, we all know two things, Markey is indeed the right kind of woman and she is not singing about Ric.  With a little bit of a southern drawl; a whole lot of sass; and an impressive blend of note holding and range roving, Markey knocks this one out of the box.  Guitar wise, from the opening chords giving the song a bit of a Latin vibe to the scorching runs and stinging leads giving the song it’s blues vibe, Ric’s being his usual masterful self.  That, along with more solid rhythm and horns highlighted by Dana’s sizzling sax solos, all add up to another great track.  

The disc comes to a close with Markey singing her heart out on a bluesy ballad titled “Where Are You”, and by now, you all know how I feel about these when sung by a powerful female vocalist.  While laying alone in their bed, the pain Markey is feeling as she wonders where and who he may be with, is quite apparent. Other tracks on what is another very well done album by Markey Blue Ric Latina Project include: “Hanging On”; “When It’s Blue”; “Be With Me”; “Crying Out Loud”. 

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