The Honey Project
Burning Bridges

Self Released
Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © November 2022

Over the past decade or so, the State of Florida – particularly the region known as South Florida – has had its share of blues success stories.  Several of our ladies and gentlemen of the genre have been International Blues Challenge winners; Blues Music Award nominees; Blues Music Award winners; and have headlined festivals and events all over the world.  That said, having known and seen Honey play in various ensembles over the last ten years, and having watched her grow as she has, I’m going to go on record as saying I think she’s got the credentials to be the area’s next break out artist. 
The Honey Project’s debut release is titled Burning Bridges and it contains five tracks on which all the music and lyrics were written by Honey.  The quartet consists of Honey on vocals; Todd Weinkle on guitar; John Harden II on keyboard and left-hand bass; and Richie Corricelli on drums.     
The minute long jazzy intro on “Burning Bridges” – the opening and title track – had me thinking it might be an instrumental, which I actually would have been fine with… that is, until that silky and sultry voice of Honey’s joined in.  Lyrically, the song finds Honey chastising a jilted lover who, in spite of having burned down many bridges, still thinks he has a chance.  Somehow, I can almost understand the guy’s confusion.  Lyrically he’s being whip-lashed but with Honey’s melodic and soft-spoken vocal presentation, slightly different words would make this a love song. 
The piano intro on this track was so beautiful my brain had me expecting it to be followed by Elton John belting out the line “Hold me closer tiny dancer” – that’s the level of musicianship John brings to this recording.  From there “Holy Water and Hellfire” becomes one of the disc’s most powerful tracks with Richie and Todd passing the smoking drum and guitar leads back and forth, while Honey belts out one of her most commanding vocal performances.                   
This track, titled “Whiskey & Bourbon”, features Honey fantasizing about a ménage à trois – or more – with some of her favorite gents, Jim, Johnnie and Jack… as in Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniels.   Yeah, Honey doesn’t want any of those sweet drinks, cheap beer or bourgeois wine, it’s whiskey and bourbon that make her feel fine.  The song’s lyrics present the perfect platform for Honey to showcase lots of sass and her fabulous vocal range.  Musically, this dance floor filler features quite a remarkable keyboard performance from John; in addition to his fabulous organ and high-end piano leads, his other hand is laying down a bass line so strong I’d have bet the stand-up bass player was left out of the credits.  Add that to what Richie is banging out and this formidable rhythm section is totally on fire.  Then there is Todd, who, in between all of these goings on, manages to lay down several dynamite guitar runs.  Performance and production wise, this six-minute track was a brilliant presentation.  
The disc closes with an emotionally charged melancholic song titled “Your Body (Nothing of You at All)”.  It features Honey pouring her heart and soul into a song about a former boyfriend who is no longer with us.  Rather than me attempting to explain my thoughts on the song I’m just going to bow out by saying pay close attention when you listen and keep the Kleenex handy.  Wow!  

To find out more about The Honey Project check them out at –  When you do, please tell Zac and Honey that their friend The Blewzzman sent you.  

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