Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival
Gypsy Soul

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Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © April 2023

Gypsy Soul is the fourth release from Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival, and the first that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to hear. The band consists of the disc’s co-producers and song composers Jennifer Lyn on guitar, vocals and backing vocals; and Richard Torrance on guitar and backing vocals; along with Barb Jiskra on keys; Chris Addison on bass; and Jim Anderson on drums. The band is said to be blues rockers and the title of the album contains the word soul, but I’ve got to tell you, these five original tracks contain one heck of a lot of old school blues.

As an opening track should, “Gypsy Soul” features everyone in the band, making it a great introduction to the players. Right from her opening line, with a strong but not overpowering vocal style that features quite a nice range, Jennifer quickly lets the listener know she will be a pleasure to listen to; with killer leads and some impressive string bending tactics, it’s obvious Richard knows his way around the blues; Barb’s boogieing piano standout is outstanding; and last but certainly not least, this vehicle is being perfectly driven by the fabulous rhythm of Chris and Jim. Excellent first impression.

“Lowdown Dirty Shame” features the band in a fast and funky groove behind them while Jennifer and Richard take center stage on the lead and harmony vocals and tandem lead and rhythm guitar runs.

Whatever volume level you happen to be listening to your copy of Gypsy Soul at, raise it a few notches when “Going Round In Circles” comes on. Then stop what the heck ever it is you were doing and sit back and allow yourself to get blown away by absolutely perfectly done slow blues. This could very well be the best sung ballad and best played slow blues I’ve heard all year. Wow, wow, wow!

Remember the smokin’ way The Spencer Davis Group opened “Gimme Some Lovin’? With somewhat of a similar name and a whole lot of that same high energy, “Give Me All Of Your Lovin'” will surely give you flashbacks of Stevie Winwood and the guys. As a matter of fact, the band calls this all out rocker “a playful mix of blues and classic rock”.

If you’ve ever been to a singer/songwriter showcase, “You Can Take It All” is the type of song you’d most likely hear a female/male duet do. It’s also likely that the two people in the story who come from broken romances to find each other, may actually be them. Jennifer and Richard have me sold. This softly and beautifully done ballad kind of reminded me of Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love”…. yes, it’s that good.

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