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If you love to play, sing, or listen to Bluegrass music (or are even slightly curious), we’d love to see you at FHS!

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Here’s a list of events listed chronologically, so you can see at a glance what’s coming your way!

• Tuesdays in Sep, 5-8pm, Food Trucks and Music, at Decatur Legacy Park
• Wednesdays 11:30am – Open Jam at the school
• Wednesdays 8:15pm – Online Your Second Half
• Sep 24-26, 10am-6pm, Legacy Park Flea Market
• Saturday, Sep 30, CompassionCon w/ Frettin Zoo for kids
• Sunday, Oct 1, 2pm, FHS Players at Woodland Gardens
• Saturday, Oct 7, 5:30pm, FHS Barn Dance
• Saturday, Oct 14, 6-9pm, After PorchFest Party
• Friday, Oct 20, 7pm, Workshops & Concert featuring Sheila Kay Adams & Susan Pepper, acclaimed traditional Appalachian __singer/musicians
• Saturday, Oct 21, 9:30am, Workshops featuring Sheila Kay Adams & Susan