Texas Hill
Weight Of The World

By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © March 2024

I generally don’t review singles, but as the saying goes, there are exceptions to every rule. This song, by this group of all-stars, is the perfect exception.

Texas Hill consist of founding members Adam Wakefield (a top ten finalist on The Voice in 2016) on organ and vocals; and Casey James (a third place finisher on American Idol in 2010) on guitars and vocals; with Bart Walker (winner of the 2012 International Blues Challenge’s prestigious Best Guitarist award) on guitar and vocals; Gregory Garner on bass; and William Loney on drums.

When I clicked on the link to play “Weight Of The World”, my finger was still on the mouse and I was already knowing I was going to love this song. That, by the way, took all of it’s first three seconds. Back in my days of being on the nominating committee for the Blues Music Awards, it was songs like this that repeatedly made it on my “Song Of The Year” submission form. Throughout my fifty-five years of being a blues enthusiast, I’ve pretty much always been a traditionalist and “Weight Of The World” pretty much defines what traditional blues is all about.

From Adam’s soulful and heartfelt vocal presentation; to the solemn organ led rhythm performance; to the stinging blues guitar licks; to the song’s melancholic lyrics; every box is checked on my ‘slow blues at its best’ list. Also, at just over four minutes long, it’s perfect for airplay.

Stand by for more some time soon, because I’m already looking forward to telling you about the rest of the album.

To find out more about Texas Hill just go to their website – www.texashillmusic.com – and whomever you contact, please make sure you tell them their friend the Blewzzman sent you.

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